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 Nine Inch Diameter Grate

 For use in the bottom of The Big Green Egg grill

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Big Green Egg grate prices.

Mini Egg firebox.. 5.6in.. $25.
Mini cooking 10in grate with 1/2in spacing $40.. with 1/4in spacing,$50

Small Egg firebox grate.. 5.6in $25
Small cooking 13in grate with 1/2in spacing $50.. with 1/4in spacing $60

Medium Green  firebox grate.. 6.75 .. 1/2in spacing $28.. with 1/4in spacing$35
Medium cooking 15in grate..1/2in spacing $65.. 1/4in spacing$75.. all 3/8in materials grate with 1/2in spacing, $110

Large Big Green Egg..9in firebox with 1/2in $30.. with 1/4in spacing, $40
Large cooking 18.25in with 1/2 spacing, $85.. with 1/4in spacing, $95.. all 3/8in grate with 1/2in spacing $145

EX-Large Big Green Egg.. firebox 17in grate with 1/2in spacing $75.. with 1/4in spacing,$90.. All 3/8in $145

EX-Large cooking 24in.. with 1/2in spacing,$110.. with 1/4in spacing, $145.. All 3/8in grate with 1/4in spacing $200.

Shipping is NOT included
Discounts for multiple grate orders.

Please email or call for any other custom sizes as we manufacturer every grate for each individual customer to there specifications.