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 Hi, my name is Michael Rood.  Welcome to Michaels Custom Grill Works.
Necessity always has and will be the "mother of invention" and is usually how we come up useful things that make our lives a little easier.  My personal outdoor grill needed a grill grate since the porcelain coating had worn/rusted off, and a close friend had the same problem, so after looking online and finding no one made the one I needed and nothing custom, and since I'm a welder by trade the decision was made to make them for us both. Since then I've made several for friends and sold several on the "bay" .   And as of now making a small business out of making custom stainless grill grates.
The grates that we manufacturer are made from 304 stainless steel "food grade".. and 1/4in solid rod so it will last for many years.  They are heavy, solid, and can be dropped with NO worries of any of the welds breaking or coming apart.  Cleaning is as easy as soap and water, and a stainless steel wire brush, and never have to worry about having to "season" your grill grate, and they will with stand intense heat without warpage . I can make almost any size and shape, and ship anywhere.
Any questions of sizes or materials, or a quote, please feel free to call, if I don't answer, please leave your number and I'll call back as soon as possible.

Thanks for looking,

We specialize in custom grill grates, we make almost any width and length.. we do odd sizes and shapes and not scared to take on a new challenge